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Everyone Needs A Break...

by Bella on 06/07/17

After my last report, things got very interesting, to say the least. The new addition at the ranch - now named “Seven” - was fitting in quite nicely. He
was getting lots of laughs with his never ending antics and making new friends with some of the horses around the ranch.

One of the donkey’s favorite things to do after his arrival was hang out with this particular bay mare. (I think he had a little donkey crush on her.) He followed her around everywhere and it got so bad that when the bay mare was getting ridden by the people, the donkey would follow them through the patterns. While she was galloping for her exercise he would sometimes be right on her heels!

One time he was following her so close at a walk, when the person said “Whoa” and the bay mare stopped....Seven didn’t hit the brakes in time and ended up between her back legs! He’s lucky that bay mare was in a good mood that day!

“Seven” the mini-donkey has since been forbidden from the arena during training time for the big horses and the bay mare has since went home for a break. Seven has found a new friend to pester when he gets a chance. His new friend is a big sorrel gelding. The sorrel gelding doesn’t mind Seven following him around for the most part, but every now and then he needs a break from the donkey’s aggravating ways.

I know how he feels. Sometimes I just need a break from the little black bark box (Princess Annabelle.) That’s when my people take me on a trip to the lake. They must have some kind of sixth sense and know just the right time to get me out of here before I lose it. When the donkey started chasing cars it almost sent me over the edge and that must have been a great clue for them to get me “outta Dodge” and head south to the lake.

I have to say that I really love the lake! To tell you the truth, I think the people kind of like it too. They seem to enjoy themselves while they are entertaining me. I love the peace and quiet, no responsibilities and of course, I’m the only critter that gets to go....so no Aggravating Annie.

I like everything including the ride in the car where I get to sit in the middle
and watch for critters in the road. The people take me out to ride in the boat and let me lounge on the tube on the water. Then they play around and splash and drive the boat fast, I don’t complain.... the least that I can do is let them have their fun since they make this special trip so I can have some rest.

Now that I am rested and rejuvenated.....it’s back to the ranch to try to regain some order.

Until next month....
Take A Break.....I did.....

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