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Is There Really Such A Thing As "Normal?"

by Bella on 03/01/17

I’d like to let you in on how the past month has went for yours truly. If there is such a thing as a “normal” month (let alone day) I have definitely NOT had one.

It all started with the addition of a new creature here at the ranch. I was out minding my own business, probably catching mice or running off other unwanted varmits when I heard a commotion in the barn lot.

A trailer had arrived and I heard all of the outside dogs carrying on as usual. (And of course the little black bark box had to put in her two cents.) I headed over to find out what all of the fuss was about. You see, a trailer isn’t that much news around here, but this smelled a little different than your usual everyday, run of the mill “horse” trailer. There was something a little different going on and was I ever surprised to find out what was about to be unloaded from this funny smelling trailer.

The fella that was driving the truck made his way to the back of the trailer and before he could open the door, I heard the most awful sound, something I had never heard before....and I’ve been a lot of places in all my dog years! I was actually a little scared to see what was going to emerge from this smelly...and now noisy trailer. At that point I was hoping that whatever it was fond of Jack Russel dogs.

When the man opened the door, there it stood.....a ball of fur about the size of the neighbor dog, Duke. I couldn’t see it’s eyes (to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it had any.) It looked a lot like a miniature version of the big horses that the people around here spend alot of time riding....but there was no way they would be able to ride this scrawny thing! To top it all off it has the longest ears I have ever seen...and they stood up straight - all on their own!!! They didn’t fall over and flop around like Princess Annabelle’s ears always do. So strange!

And then as I was checking out this odd little creature - from a safe distance of course - it let out that strange sound again. This time it sounded like “Yee Haw.” I figured maybe the critter thought it should try to fit in at the ranch and hollar like a cowboy.

As I looked around, all of the people were laughing. I kind of felt sorry for the little guy, who’s eyes were now showing through the fur on his face. The lady of the ranch took the time to brush him a little and I heard her call him a donkey.  Finally - the new critter had been identified....a donkey.....and a miniature one at that!!

This should get interesting.....
To be continued........
Until next month....
“Yee Haw!!!"
Your favorite Jack Russel Terrier...

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