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Another Flashback to 20111 - I REPEAT: “Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!

by Bella on 01/04/17

Last month in the May issue, I took the time to introduce you to the rest of the doggie-crew here at the ranch because the rain had kept us from having too many adventures....and it seems that hasn’t changed much as I write this month’s article. The introductions may come in handy as you continue reading. I’ve had to do some serious concentrating here at the ranch to get some material and believe it or not, it wasn’t that hard once I started looking around at these other creatures who live here with me.
We’ll start with a funny story about our little Princess....
Here at the ranch we have an arena that is meant for horse riding and training. It is usually nice and soft and worked up for the horses, however this is not a good mix after a downpour of rain. “Miss Priss” found this out as she went for a stroll out around the second barrel the other day after a torrential rain had left water standing everywhere.
Miss Annabelle with the extra wide and extra long body and the super short legs got part of the way into her stroll and realized that she was stuck. Think of Woolly mammoths in a tar pit...... that paints a pretty good picture of the situation Little Miss “Thang” had gotten herself into. She would try to lift a foot and realize each time that her belly was already pressed into the mud too far to
make any kind of attempt at escape. I really hate to admit it, but I have to give the little diva some credit.... She didn’t put too much effort into her escape before she gave out a sharp “YIP.”
You realize Woolly mammoths are extinct, right? I think it was because they never learned how to “YIP” just right. Had they learned the “YIP” and had they trained a person to come at said “YIP,” they may still be around.
You see, Annie has a person who carries her around like a baby. And as soon as Annie made a plea for help....her help came running.... right through the mud. Her person almost got stuck in the mud while rescuing the little mud-covered wiener. They both came out of the incident a mess. Princess Annabelle came out with legs that looked like tree trunks because they were caked with the mud and her hero almost lost a boot more than once during the ordeal - and of course was then covered in mud after carrying the little mudball to safety.
I’m not sure what the moral of this story is or if there is one, except that everyone needs a good laugh now and then.....and I got one that day.
Until next month....
I’ll be working on my “YIP.”

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